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The LAE Fund is our voice in Baton Rouge—it speaks on behalf of our 20,000 members from all 60 local affiliates of the Louisiana Association of Educators. As the LAE's state PAC, the LAE Fund provides direct financial support to recommended candidates for the Governor, State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, State Senate, State House of Representatives, and Local School Board who will fight to support teachers, staff, and students and improve public education.

Every member who contributes to the LAE Fund does so voluntarily. Every dollar contributed to a candidate, a political party, or independent expenditures is voluntarily given. LAE does not use dues dollars for this purpose. Just as the LAE Fund relies on small contributions from thousands of members, the LAE candidate recommendation process is driven by LAE membership. LAE never recommends or endorses a candidate for state or local office without the support of State and Local Association leaders.

About the LAE Fund

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